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We not only give products a shape, but also a personality:
We develop products that have a strong character, are practical, sustainable and smart. Our focus is on innovative solutions, responsible, contemporary manufacturing methods and a high aesthetic standard.


The Space-Saving Staircase

The most innovative staircase in the world is only there when you need it: thanks to pivoting steps, Klapster ensures efficient space usage.

Microliving 2.0

The Micro Modules for Efficient Use of Space

Downsizing and consciously living in a minimal space should not be a sacrifice, but a desirable luxury. That is why we have developed mobile living modules that configure rooms as needed.


The Room-in-a-Room Solution

Whether a think tank, coworking space or meeting room - the location-independent, modular and largely self-sufficient multiplex cubes enable concentrated work for every need.

Balance Boards

The Surfboard for Home

The OCN Balance Boards train balance, posture and stability on the board and thus train the torso and all other muscle groups of the body.

Flying Wall

The Modular System for Efficient Storage Space

Whether the storage space requirement is large or small - with the modular storage space system, the storage boxes can be individually stowed according to the space requirement.

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