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The Concept

The aim of the project was to develop a kind of depot for the aircraft trolleys and aviation boxes of the manufacturer Vandebord. These are often used by medical practices and offices in large numbers, so we wanted to create a modular system that can be individually expanded as needed. We didn't want to ignore the aviation theme at all, so we used airline rails (originally used to secure cargo in cargo planes) as the basis of the shelving system. Insertable nodes made of multiplex are used as support beams, which can be individually locked at a suitable height depending on the number of boxes and trolleys.

The shelving system was designed as a DIY kit and can be assembled within a few minutes



Concept Study

Product Design

Series Production


VanDeBord GmbH

Flying Wall

The Flying Wall is a modular shelving system with aviation DNA✈️.

The flying wall shelving serves as a storage system for aircraft trolleys and aviation boxes of our customer Vandebord (link website deposit) and can be individually expanded due to its modular design.

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