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Even the basic functions of a home, such as eating, sleeping and personal hygiene, require several square metres of space. Square metres that could also be used for other important functions such as socialising, leisure activities or raising children. The ideal situation would be a room whose function could be arranged according to need. A bedroom for the night, a bathroom in the morning and a lounge during the day.

Our Microliving 2.0 concept addresses efficient room design of the future: functional modules that can be moved around in the room to move away unused "rooms" and give needed rooms more space. The innovative living concept can be used for efficient space utilisation in different types of housing, such as student residences, serviced apartments or hotels. Ideally, however, the floor space is a partially self-sufficient microliving flat of up to 36 sqm, which can be moved by an industrial vehicle to locations on the periphery of towns and cities in order to temporarily occupy free space. The sustainable living concept contributes to reducing the personal footprint and is an essential contribution to achieving the climate goals.



Concept Study

Product Design


raumvonwert GmbH

Microliving 2.0

Fighting Housing Shortages! This thought drove us to develop our "Microliving 2.0" concept. The result is mobile living modules that allow rooms to be constructed flexibly according to individual needs. 

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